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Five Top Reasons

to Work for Us

Excellent compensation:

Our salaries are aligned with those of the top payers in retail and MedTech. We always structure your salary package so that as much net as possible is remaining from the gross – legal, of course ๐Ÿ™‚.

We are a colorful company:

We truly value diversity! Although we are a young company, you will find a very balanced age structure, many different nationalities and a high share of women (around 70%), by the way, also in management positions.

Exciting, resilient industry:

Healthcare is one of the most robust industries – healthcare products are the last to be cut. At the same time, sleep apnea products are a strong growth market (6-7% per year forecast).

Remote Work:

Even before Corona, we were big fans of remote work. Work where you perform best.

Informal & professional:

Our corporate culture is informal – we have open doors at almost all times and are on a first-name basis internally. We do not value titles. Being highly professional in our relationships with our customers and suppliers, but also with each other, is extremely important to us.

These five values

guide our actions


You find us exciting,

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